A Thorough Guide Into AestheticsPro Online Software

Like other healthcare facilities, Medical spa facilities also need EMR software to tackle all complexities. Medical spa EHR products boost the quality of care. They help aesthetic medical practices operate more efficiently if put into correct use. From an organizational perspective, having a specialty-related effect is imperative for aesthetic centers.


But finding one is not a piece of cake. It seems like an impossible task to find a robust solution in this context. But we have gone through all the trouble for your sake. And we came up with the top-rated and users’ preferred solution for medical spa services Aesthetics Pro Online. But before jumping to the details of this EMR software, let’s see what a medical spa is.


What is Medical Spa?

People usually pay no interest in distinguishing between regular and medical spas. But there is a substantial difference between the two. Medical spas, unlike day spas, work under the supervision of a licensed physician. Medi-spas blend the services performed in clinics with the spa experience to drive better health results.


Anti-aging is a commonly covered treatment in these spa centers. In addition, they feature non-surgical medical treatments not only to improve outer appearance but metabolic processes too. Treating facial wrinkles, rescuing facial volume, acne treatments, tissue tightening, muscle spasms, and sagging skin come under this medical field.


Medi-spa facilities also work on post-cancer recuperation, cellulite reduction, and the medical weight loss process. Considering all these miraculous processes, people are increasingly inclined towards these non-surgical care treatments. Plastic surgeons, aesthetics, and dermatologists supervise all these medicated procedures.


About AestheticsPro Online Software:

By reading the word, “Aesthetic” people related to the medical field know that it’s somehow concerned with skincare. And that’s true. The primary purpose of this software lies within its name. AestheticsPro online is a market-leading EHR solution designed for medical spas, weight loss centers, wellness facilities, and aesthetic practices. It helps dermatologists and aesthetics in medical spa management services.


The software features an aesthetic workflow coupled with medical spa management features. This web-based solution is basically a HIPAA-compliant system. It efficiently handles employee management, customer management, appointment management, and marketing management functionalities. In addition, its real-time performance tracking and checklists of day-to-day processes improve clinical productivity.


With its state-of-the-art medical spa tools and services, the software ensures no leaf is left unturned. Its cutting-edge services include a review management tool and point of sale services. Combined, these features create a professional healthcare environment inclined to improve medical spa performance. But, here’s the catch, this phenomenal platform offers endless consultation, effective onboarding, and ongoing training service for all its users.


What AestheticPro Features For Medical Spa Centers?

Now that you have got a prompt glance at what the software holds for your medi-spa. Let’s look into the software’s services in detail.


Account Manager

aesthetics PRO Online EHR comes with an accounting module to handle financial processes with perfection. It works by generating real-time profit reports to show the progress in sales. This detailed insight helps come up with better strategies to boost the revenue of medical spas.


All this results in streamlined customer management processes and better financial health. This reliable software believes in actions instead of words. It will guide you in all situations to maintain a competitive position in the market.


Marketing Suite

With AestheticsPro online EHR, you don’t need to worry about generating potential sales leads. The software provides a fully integrated marketing suite. This suite is comprised of solid marketing features and helps make data-driven decisions.


It also targets the rightful audience through built-in email marketing and campaigns. You can customize this service to target your preferred clientele. These marketing tools effortlessly help manage lead assessments and include review management services to boost online profiles.


E-records Management And Form Creator

The professional features of AestheticPro Online also support electronic management like a pro. The HIPAA compliant software stores the client database in a centralized place. Also, it maintains strict security protocols keep data confidential.


It supports an extensive clinical library where you can find ready-to-use patient intake forms. There is also an innovative form creator that you can use to create interactive forms. If you have specific requirements, the AstheticsPro team can draft customized forms for your medical spa.


Merchant Services and Point of Sale:

This all-in-one platform offers a feature-rich payment/checkout system. It combines unique functionalities to boost clinical profitability by generating more revenue. Also, it makes business processes more efficient by allowing for secured payments.


It features UPC compatible checkout process, auto-billed subscription, sales and profit tracking, and built-in credit cards. AestheticsPro will hook you with trustworthy merchandise to handle and process payments online. Simply put, it will allow you to optimize your practice’s revenue.


Reviews of AestheticPro Online:

AstheticPro Online experience good user reviews. It smoothly manages clinical and financial processes in one go. It pretty much includes everything a medical spa needs in one exclusive bundle. With its marketing suite, it becomes easy to track patient referrals. Its e-record is an excellent feature for managing clients’ data.


The way it manages even last-minute appointments is quite pleasing. Training videos of AestheticPro Online are well-informative. Unfortunately, the patient portal of the vendor is not impressive. Also, the software is easily susceptible to bugs that affect certain functionalities. But its marvelous scheduling service makes up for all the deficiencies.


Pricing Plans:

The vendor offers three feature-rich pricing plans. They structure all the pricing plans according to the monthly billing process. Aesthetics Pro Online reviews also provides a free demo for all medical spa centers. You can avail of the demo, making no commitment to the vendor. The details of AestheticPro Online’s pricing packages are:


Solo Provider: It is for entry-level medical spa limited to just two providers and costs only $109.99 per month.


Enterprise: It is for mid-sized medi-spa and comes with a full-grade marketing suite. It costs $165.99 per month.


Enterprise Plus: This is an all-in-one package for enterprise-scale practices. This plan costs $299.99 per month.


Schedule a demo now with the vendor now to get a practical experience. You will be amazed by how it will bring efficiency and effectiveness to your medical spa centers.

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